Hi everyone, I am Antonio and my journey as a photographer started long long time ago. 

My beginning is in Milan, homeland for fashion and designers from all over the world here I learned my basics and I was absolutely fascinated by the colourful fashion world. To expand my horizon I next decided to navigate the cinema world and I moved to Rome where I worked with high caliber photographers such as Maki Galimberti, Francesco Escalar and Julian Hargreaves as assistant photographer and where I have learned even more precious skills such as dealing with famous artists demands and wishes.

I am now in London where I am engaging with other type of photography with the creation of my own projects thanks to the help of a fantastic creative team! I have successfully planned and run beauty and fashion photo-shooting that lead to publications in international magazines such as Imirage and Moevir dibbing not only in photography but also in editing with Photoshop.


I believe that in a world where communication is everything, photography has reached its full potential, it can be the ideal instrument to pass on messages of every kind, freezing in time moments forever. Encouraged by the work of brave photographers from the past, I look forward to every shoot as a journey into capturing someone/something essence.


I am open for new collaboration and work opportunity. Please messaged me or email me to start a new project together.